Obligatory libraries:

Optional libraries:

The Python interface (see PYTHON.txt) requires:

Useful IDL/GDL-written libraries:

  • MPFIT (fitting)
  • Astron Lib (FITS format I/O, astronomy-related procedures)
  • TeXtoIDL (Greek letters, special symbols, sub/superscripts via TeX commands)

At least g++ 3.2 (or a similar C++ standard conforming compiler) is needed for compiling GDL. Succesfull compilations were reported with Intel C++ compiler and numerous versions of GCC including the 3.x and 4.x families, on various UNIX environments including Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, Cygwin and OpenBSD. GCC >= 4.2 is needed for OpenMP.

The GNU readline library 4.3 or later is needed (GDL should compile without it, but it's very inconvenient to use that way, furthermore, proper event handling for graphic windows requires readline).
OS X 10.4: Note that the the readline library which comes with OS X is not GNU readline. You need to install GNU readline and set the --with-readlinedir=DIR option to configure.

GDL supports compilation using both the shipped autotools "configure" script as well as using CMake. Consult the README and the INSTALL files in the GDL distribution for further details on GDL requirements and configuration.

GDL was developed using ANTLR v2 but unless you want to change the grammar (*.g files) you don't need ANTLR. All relevant ANTLR files are included in the package.