GDL resources

A draft of GDL documentation is currently under development.

There were several talks and posters on GDL prepared by the project team:

The ADASS talks have corresponding papers in the ASP Conference Series (and in arXiv), and this is currently the best way to cite GDL:

Alain Coulais maintains:

Several people prepared scholarly materials using or mentioning GDL:

Some uses of GDL were documented by the users:

IDL resources

As GDL is almost 100% compatible to IDL (although not complete as many subroutines are waiting to be implemented), resources for IDL can also be utilized for GDL.

Many IDL resources can be found on the pages run by IDL gurus: David Fanning and Michael Galloy, and at the comp.lang.idl-pvwave usenet group.

IDL 6.4 documentation is published at the NASA website. Documentation for the current version of IDL is available for download from the ITTVIS website.

An IDL online tutorial is available at the Scientific Computing and Visualization website.

A (very) quick guide to IDL was written by Chris North.

Robert da Silva maintains the Slug's Guide to IDL.

Mark Piper maintains the The IDL Data Point.

For writing programs in GDL using Emacs the Emacs addon (mode) IDLWAVE, maintained by J.D. Smith is highly appreciated. Vim support IDL/GDL syntax highlighting by default.