How to get support?

If you don't find an answer to your problem in:

you might use one of these trackers or forums.

How to provide feedback?

Your comments are welcome! Let us know what you use GDL for. Or if you don't, why not. Which functionality are you missing/would appreciate most for comming versions. Please send your bug reports, complaints, suggestions and comments using the trackers or forums.

How to contribute?

GDL is actively developed and has already a lot of functionality. But it is still in beta state as of July 2011. Even though it can already be used for many tasks, there are many things left to be done.
Any contributions are very welcome. Currently contributions can be made in C/C++, GDL and python. See the files HACKING and PYHTON.txt in the GDL root directory.

Urgent things to do are:

  • Library functions and procedures
  • Documentation and code examples
  • Completing the graphical output system
  • Testing and test routines written in GDL
  • Enhancing the GUI (widget) functionality
  • Porting GDL to other platforms

Please send your contributions using the trackers.